#Indore : Not #wikipedia

It is obviously not a wikipedia page giving you information how indore looks like i am not promoting #airbnb and telling you to come and live with me in my flat i am feeling bored .

The business capital of central india , mini mumbai . best available for land appreciation .all are names of one city indore my study land once now my karm bhumi as well ( I used to study now i am also working here) lived for 19 years before i moved to #gurgaon #delhi to work for 10-11 years . i would like to tell you come and visit #indore through my eyes . There is so much to see that means you need to google indore and places nearby which tells you there is bhopal the capital , mandu and ujjain , the most common and obvious places to visit …. what a shame . whats new am i talking . if i had to do this bakvaas which any one could do.. any ways .

People of Indore are friendly they love their food and like to share it with visitors . I am not a good story teller however did you read the small poem and things happen at 3 . two poems which i have written and are highly appreciated . **Thank You wave **

well you can check them here . my website is working these days thanks to my friend . Best time to visit indore is during the monsoon july-september . I would come with more stories . till then tata


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