Carry On … Series


Lot of activities  have an impact on our lives and for long  , carry on series will talk about all those small little things which we avoid or don’t talk about in day to day life .

I have been thinking for long what should i write about and then suddenly it struck to my mind i can share people thoughts who write something nice and i have read . definately taking into account the persons permission to post it on my blog . starting today we you will see a weekly update on the carry on series .which would point some interesting expression by people who write for fun and not fund but are still as affective as people who write for fund . Today’s thought is part of a series by Mr Navendu Mahodaya (@navendumahodaya) google him you will get to know about him .

I would like to hear from you about the series . You have also motivated me from the days of Hi folks have jokes .  Thank You,

Disclamer : Thoughts are personal and may differ with Person to person

Tamasha & Zoobi Doobi


Remember that Zoobi Doobi pamparah….. a song from famous movie Three Idiots! Everyday morning, at about half past ten, suddenly it starts playing in my mind. I have noted, it is a recent and unexplained phenomenon. Then suddenly it struck me like a lightening; there is a play school across the street where I live and every morning they play this and few other songs to let those tiny toddlers have some fun filled exercises, dancing. I have often noted children have good time and they loudly shout along with the music, “Jaisa filmon mein hota hai, ho raha hai hu-bahu!” Yes, hu-bahu! Now singing, dancing and shouting along these love songs have become a practice similar to singing Jan Gan Man or that pooja arti, “Om Jai Jagadish Hare…!” They know these love songs by heart and perhaps can recite those lyrics even when half asleep. If the school has worked for a hundred days, I must have heard those songs for some forty times. And now that school has been closed for a few days to let extreme winter spell pass, my mind starts playing those songs as a matter of habit. Natural, isn’t it?


I went to see that movie with a weird title- “Matru Ki Bijali Ka Mandola!” Before the movie could begin, I had to endure, for several minutes, statutory warning against smoking, first in English and later in Hindi. The warning is accompanied with visuals, voiceover and a clip made at Tata Memorial Hospital. During the movie there are very brief smoking scenes. And just as a character holds a cigarette or a bidi, a statutory warning appears on the right hand bottom of the screen. I am suddenly reminded of those beautiful advertisements for brands like Marlboro or Wills. That long running advertising campaign- “Made for Each Other”. And those rules of the Made for Each Other Contest; at least one of the two from each couple must be a smoker. Those cigarette companies in their quest to make money, conducted contests, and risked so many human lives.

Suddenly I remembered a particular debate on NDTV. It was the day when Abhijit Mukherjee, instead of referring to women as “Prim & Proper” or as in Hindi as “Bani – Thani”; referred to women as “Dented& Painted”. Sharmila Tagore, Shobha Dey, Divya Dutta, Dilip Cherian and an activist, Ranjana Kumari, were invited by NDTV to discuss Abhijit’s remarks. Both Sharmila Tagore and Shobha Dey were highly critical of Abhijit’s remarks and would not show any grace even after a tearful Abhijit had apologized several times before them. They did not accord him a common courtesy that is normally available to a person sincerely seeking pardon. It was then, Nidhi Rajdan engineered a reversal of fortunes and asked the panel to comment if such male mindset & behavior had any contribution coming from movies, particularly all that teasing that goes on in the films and finally the hero gets the heroine.


Sharmila Tagore spoke, “There is no scholarly evidence to suggest that public draws inspiration for eve-teasing from what ‘ched-chhad’ that goes on between hero & heroine in movies!” Sharmila, whose bio tells us, that apart from an acclaimed top class actress, she is great grand-niece of Rabindra Nath Tagore; that she is a royal by marriage; and she has lead Film Censor Board of India. Such a person is conveniently telling us, there is no scholarly evidence. It is like a physicist expressing surprise to find Water wets his hands, Ice chills his hands and exposure to Steam causes burns in his hands. This shameful denial by her had caused me shameful discomfort for having admired her in past. Curiously, both her son and daughter-in-law became part of the show that day. And if she did not appear hassled due to almost ‘dirty dancing’ of Kareena in a clip shown in the program goes to show the consummate actress Sharmila is. It also shows that she has the capability of making a statement such as above despite knowing the fallacy the statement actually is. Her son owns or part owns a film making company “Illuminati Films”. The name comes from a Dan Brown novel where ‘Illuminati’ is a fictional organization in pursuit of some poetic goals. After making one successful film in that banner, Saif Ali Khan began claiming to possess a franchise of sorts to make more films using those characters. Mom Sharmila with all those years in film industry, and having held distinguished portfolios is demanding, “Where is the scholarly evidence?” And we still want to believe: “Rich and Powerful are fair!” ; Says Navendu Mahodaya

Manas Mahodaya says

In the world where we are influenced by songs and scenes or should I say audio and visual impact saying that films don’t drive us would be wrong .
Chake de made a huge impact on presentation skills of managers and selling their words and products across the table when their top bosses were not agreeing . It was the killer mindset which sometimes makes us to think different .
Aamir’s taare zaameen par .. Aur 3 idiots have made us think of lot things . However she needs to think there have been instance when several criminal activities have taken place by the so called inspired films . And not a person mind thought
However in the end she had to take a stand so she said what she meant because as in business we say everyone has a SOP she would also have one in censor which she maintained .
she ans filmy because that’s what she has been doing for last thirty years correct me if I am wrong . So when she says that films don’t drive people she may be right because films are a mirror of our society . If we change our films will also .

What do you say !!


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