The story of a browser

There were days when i did not knew what needs to be done at 1 am in the night when you have got a habit of sleeping at 4 . opps what am i saying , but yes guys and all the beautifual ladies out there. This is story of browser .


I started to use this orange fox browser some years back . when i just knew email was hotmail . and virus were two . . old people would explain that who have worked on at series processors and 486 processor like my uncle says they were days when you put two disc to boot and for os .. Smile  i am happy to says this is year 2013 when we firefox 18 . People lived their lives to create something which is easy to use switch the tabs . virus not around . we call it mozilla firefox .


The orange browser which has given me a direction in life how to help others which is a key skill about me . i have been a student of psychology , have been helping people in my school and college around career and phones now they ask me which is the browser you use . its addictive .man . not easy to leave . it clears history with a blink . and you are free to go ahead in life .


Become a sumo and join the army will definately help you achieve something in life as they fuck it and ship is their moto .. people you are cool and smart as well .  best of luck . i am your fan




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