|G Day | Google day : Gurgaon

Helloo Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the world of exciting opportunities in the event named G Day . The two day event by Google India in gurgaon

It happened in Gurgaon Epicenter for two days , it had everything for entrepreneurs , geeks and getting aware . People who wanted to know what google is doing in Technology . it was’nt like the other events which you might have seen online ( Live Streaming) people jumping from aeroplanes coming on bicycles and joining the host on stage ,i was expecting something like atleast  close to that happen . The event started with Registration on Day 1 .

Rained Tried its level best so that the show not to happen , however everyone was prepared and ready to rock and roll with some interesting quizzes , dances to come . with nice mugs given  as prizes ( I also won 1 for me ) The HR team was amazing . HTML5 , Adword were amazing presentation . Not to say that the keynote was well prepared and executed . The tap dance was the USP of the DAY 1 . I believe people who would have attended the First day would have taken with them a lot of Interesting inputs .


IMG00880-20120904-0934 IMG00888-20120904-1018 IMG00901-20120904-1404 IMG00881-20120904-0941


The G day 2 was full of Techno Gyan and amazing Showcase of technology with logic . HR team on engg. hiring and lots of presentation to come .The GTUG presentation gave some great insight on developers and where you can find them. G day event ended on a showcase of pictures and tweet winners .however the best to come was T shirts given to everyone .  As its said Happy ending with lovely memories .  … Waiting for Next Year … G Day ..


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