Small Poem

I have written a small poem

I am here to live the life i love most .and follow my dreams not to sleep my dreams , afterall dreams are seen when ur sleep .. sleeping is a passion becasuse it makes you free from trouble ,gives you the energy of laziness and the power of.yawn which helps you to not to worry abt the damn world for another some time . because i live the life i love most .
Life is like swing which has a to-fro motion sometimes too high or too low makes us feel dul and crazy to smile and cry . Friends around make u like happy , believe me they are the best stress busters after music and sleep . therefore i said i am here to live the life i love most

Family and friends , teachers and school are part of life throught till you grow , living life around them doesnt make you feel depressed ,because whenever you are down they will pull a leg and bring the smile . They are like capacitors charged storeage devices used always in emergency . will teach u a lesson which is always used in emergency . Teachings never used otherwise but will strick when you need it the most .

Shopping movies partying with friends are a real help to life makes us aware the prices are soo high . Middle income teenager cant think of fooling around with life because right now the only thing which he/she has is time , therefore i say i am here to live the life i love most .
People around you will laugh and cry , they only matter is the news not really they matter is what you are , therefore i say the only words i am here to live life i love most as this light of hope and ray of happiness will not remain for long , you and me will not stay for ever Live your life to the fullest with Songs and tunes of happiness around let the anger die for long Live the life i love most .


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