Films around the corner

Films around the corner are making the year quiet entertaining even in the end of 2011 we had some films . I believe that don2 and MI4 here have given film makers the confidence that we have grown as a industry and now we are getting accepted worldwide .

Indian History has always been depicted well on the silver screen with the content shown . In todays films the change in society can be seen and change in audience . Books have also made a huge impact in making films .

Film and Television has made a huge impact on how we will our lives in the late 90’s especially . As we are talking about books a recent movie which i saw is also made from a famous novel Sherlock Holmes . Sherlock Holmes a must watch . Bollywoods acceptance as a mass entertainer has been attested by its sequels are’nt seen as a new change however it has been accepted as a good change in the industry and a lot of films with their sequel

26 jan comes with making film industry republic in sequels first one in the series is Agneepath then will follow is dabaang2  and dark knight series “batman” coming up later this year

before that we can even expect nichoals cage in ghost rider series and kyakoolhainhum .. so prepare yourself for loads of action suspense and comedy coming your way .. Happy filming


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