Education in India

India is a vast country with different languages.In india the illiteracy has been a problem for many years .As stats indicate many children have to leave studies due to different reason . In ancient india education was provided by mouth and ear process .This process continued till writing evolved and people could transfer their thought into words using this system the early vedic culture florished .In india when the britishers came and settled here they needed people for their various department so they developed this system of education which we are still using with some changes but the question still rises why? There are many boards in india .Every state almost has its board of eduaction plus we have two centralised so this tells how education is divided ina large country .In this process the education is becoming precious and many students are becoming literate Whenever a child in a civilised society attains an age of 21/2 or 3 his /her parents admit him /her in a school esp in a recognised and a well maintained thinking about the allround of the child . the child gets admission he / she admission he /she starts learning numbers ,alphabets making sentences and even friends . In this whole process till 10th in +2 system ,he spends 12 yrs Now he has to decide which subject or stream he has to pursue and then to make a career in it till this stage in other developed countries the child has done so much practical work that he is confident of do anything .But in our country generally speaking a child is not given guidness and their parents decide what he /she will take subject and make a career in it and due to this the child starts failing and then starts feeling the pressure of subject in this whole process the student repeats year by years , now the parents think whats going wrong So for those who do not want to waste a years and those who are not able to study further due to any reason GOI, ministry of HRD in 1978 introduced a board National Open School


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