The Day

i believe i have discovered some thing which i was waiting for last couple of years may be its going to bring lots of changes in many people lives that called teaching and expressing effectively . this midnight of 8 feb i am sittin g in front of my lappy typing something which i would not have done that b4 i dont know why am i doing bt nw i think i will be doing this for long and a while  some hours down the line i am going to attend a friends wedding and if successful would upload and update  a blog for the same .

however meanwhile when i watched the social network i realised some thing that all successful people had to face something out of box . the thing which came out by this person which they knew and fought with that why he is opposing changed the course of his life . meant a lot and that opposition made some thing interesting and relevant,. like i did with my dad his opposition towards several things has made him my best critique may be its the choice of things i do to what subjects i studied. from the time i yawn to yawn read it night to afternoon because i dont sleep in night and day i sleep early morning and get up by afternoon. the whole point here is you are evolving out and discovering . i dont like many things now that could be because of the reason that it impacts my life more than it was doing me before and now its exsistence around me impacts me more . i dont know where will i land up but one thing i know for sure that wlw going to help me write daily about something .

As i began today to write what happened today in metro was really interesting travelled in a old model metro where you could see the bench just next to the door long and wide the new one doesnt give you the pleasure of sitting on it.. uff 😦 .

Todays is naman birthday . we couldnt party as it was a sunday life bought a big reason for him to celebrate which is coming his way in a few days . gaurav interaction with facebook makes me believe he is enjoying his virtual life. people come up to me and try to find out whats wrong in them.. certainly this is not something specific abl some one but its abt many people and best part is people also give me advice so that they get best out of me . they realise it later that in any case i would have done this . might be i am wrong . i am going to start a small story from next week lets c where do i land up

Vishal marriage made all friends nostalgic i visited on the 9 feb. photos coming soon .. vishal is a nice guy with good knowledge .my best wishes with him . let me check whats the time .its time for me to sign off ..

take care .. will come back with some more .interesting thing nxt week ..


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