Om Jai Namkeen Hare – An aarti

Rajiv neema at his best this Diwali


Harsha Bhogle : how #t20 has changed cricket

Harsha correctly says ten years back no one knew how T20 would shape and I mpact cricket. Cricket is now played as per T20 unlike in the past. The main time is alloted to t20 and players have started to perform in test cricket also like it, because now bowlers also bowl different when the games become 120 balls x runs. Virat has said several time and other also acknowledge cricket at international level is all about how good are you mentally. So that means if you play fast cricket and effective time management like t20 in test the possibility of winning. Read more

Google Pixelbook

The future of laptops is here. I don’t know how many of you used chromebook but this is amazing costing $1000 would sound weird for some to pay for a lappy but I think like the finger print access and the lever to install sim is common across. The features in this book will be the future and guess what you will feel there is a strong competitior to Mac !